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Have you ever felt that sex just wasn't on the radar? You aren't alone. Check out an interesting article on this topic here.
The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services wants your input!

"Ontario has a vision to deliver more cost-effective and timely children’s services through Best Start Child and Family Centres. It builds on full day kindergarten and is part of the government’s plan to deliver more convenient and coordinated services to children and their families." - MCYS

Follow the link below to participate!

Developing Best Start Child and Family Centres: Seeking Advice

Games = Health?

When we think about healthy lifestyle we aren't usually thinking about gaming. In fact, gaming is more than likely considered to be detrimental to one's health by the majority of the population. Well, one gaming developer thinks otherwise.

Jane McGonigal, PhD is a gaming developer on a mission. Read about her views and her new book "Reality is Broken". You might be surprised at what you find.

Will you read it, y/n? I know I will. Tell me what you think!



Hello everyone,

The goal of this community is to get people talking about health in Canada. We don't live in isolation and our health isn't isolated from the rest of our lives either. It is a resource for everyday living. I'll be posting news from different community, provincial and federal organizations. Feel free to post questions and generate your own discussions outside of my posts. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of topics will come up!